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A new technology allowing us to produce these amazingly light and incredibly strong alloy wheels known as Flow- Forming is brought to you by BK Racing.

For the first time we are proud to introduce this new range and technology into the UK to push the boundaries of customisation within this particular field. 


Here’s the informative bit... what goes into this very special procedure...?


Lighter...one piece casting forming a rim shell to reduce rim thickness through a technique known as Elongation, this reduction can save upto 8lbs depending on the size of the wheel! The Elongation process produces not only a lighter result but a stronger tissue formation.

Stronger ....This specialized process begins with a low pressure type of casting and uses a special machine that spins the initial casting, heats the outer portion of the casting and then uses steel rollers pressed against the rim area to pull the rim to its final width and shape.

The combination of the heat, pressure and spinning create a rim area with the strength similar to a forged wheel without the high cost of the forging. Some of the special wheels produced for the O.E.M. high performance or limited production vehicles utilize this type of technology resulting in a light and strong wheel at a reasonable cost. For us this means beautifully designed wheels strong enough to carry excessive weight, perfect for your leisure or work van... 


Prices From £185.00


From £185.00

Prices shown are per wheel and include VAT 


Telephone: 01392 203044 



8.5 x 20/ 9.5 x 20/ 9.5 x 22

5x120 ET40